Ticket Terms

Last updated May 17th, 2024.


By purchasing a ticket you consent to the following terms:

1. Refunds are not available for any reason.

2. Tickets cannot be transferred to future events or to another person once issued.

3. Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be given or sold to another person.

4. Attendees must be at least 18 years old to attend our events, including chaperones/mehrams. Individuals under this age or without valid ID showing their exact age will be refused entry.

5. Men seeking second or additional wives are not permitted to attend, unless they are a mehram. If you are already married, entry will only be allowed with your mehram.

6. All events are open to British Muslims unless otherwise stated.

7. Attendees must arrive 15 minutes before the event start time to find parking/register. Latecomers will be refused entry or charged a £25 late fee. No exceptions, ensure that you arrive on time.

8. If you test positive for COVID-19 and cannot attend the event on the day, we do not provide refunds. However, at our discretion, we may forward your ticket to the next event, provided that you notify us in advance. We require notification 72 hours before the event starts to consider this gesture of goodwill.

9. Attendees are expected to behave respectfully and politely towards other attendees and event staff. Any inappropriate language, bad behaviour, or verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the event. In serious cases, the police may be notified.

10. Any personal information exchanged between attendees at the event, or outside of the event, is done so at the individual’s own risk. Intro Events will not be held liable for any outcomes resulting from this exchange. Attendees are advised to exchange email addresses initially or use a messaging platform like Telegram, which hides phone numbers while allowing conversations.

11. Photography and videography is strictly prohibited by attendees inside the event, attendees are not permitted to take photos or videos of any other attendees or event staff. The event organiser may take photography/videography at events for our social media platforms (attendee faces will be hidden).

12. We cannot guarantee that events will have equal numbers of men and women or be at full capacity. We will make every effort to accommodate uneven numbers, which may include more of one group and fewer of another, in order to provide the best experience possible for all attendees.

13. If the event is canceled for any reason, attendees will receive a full refund, which will be our only liability to you.